Events at Bamboo Village - 2008
Feb 1st

Winged Gothic Arch Construction Workshop

My focus has always been to develop ways of building with bamboo in it's natural form that would make it practical as an alternative to conventional lumber. Joinery is the key. The metal brackets that I have produced have evolved to fewer, more versatile designs that are proving themselves more with each structure I build. We are planning a workshop to build a new research "Winged Arch" structure at the villageland that will utilize the joinery system. The overall dimensions will be 80' long, 60' wide, and 30' high, making it the largest bamboo structure in the Pacific and North America. Anyone who is interested in being a participant of this workshop should email us to request to be added to the signup list. We will notify all at the time when the dates and details are set. At that time we will accept payments for workshop fees.

We are planning 3 to 4 separate sessions of one week each. Each session will be to construct a complete section of the building from the ground to the clear story top, including the roofing material cover; most likely a poly carbonate corrugated sheeting. We will accept only 10 participants for each session. On site accommodations will be covered camping platforms. Toilet and shower facilities will be rustic and improvisational but adequate. We will prepare our own meals collectively. When the registration information is sent out we will also list some nearby offsite accommodations.

In the meantime here is the latest little screenhouse winged arch built using the joinery system.
Events at Bamboo Village Hawaii